Short Film Composing - The Case of Conrad Cooper

A few months ago I shared the journalistic story in Rolling Stone about the people this ecconomy has affected to the point that they are living out of their cars. Many of them were middle class, hard working people who were doing great until the recession hit. That fragile state of trying to hold on to your dignity, physical space and some hope really ressonated with me because I can relate somewhat with all the times I've roughed it out on the road and just tried to stay totally committed to my art, passion for music and the life I choose to create and live.

Well, the universe provided me with a perfect opportunity to channel how much I feel for the people touched by these hard times. I'm working on writing a song and composing the music for a short film and glimpse inside what life is like for someone like that in The Case of Conrad Cooper.

Read all about the film on the website:

We are schedule to film in San Francisco in Spring 2013 and are currently looking for supporters and investors. Donations are tax deductable and include a download of my new song "Most The While"

Please take a look at the site and support the project if you can!

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