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Curious about Micro Influencing? 

Have you been noticing how many more influencers there seem to be lately? It seems like every time I open my phone to scroll through Instagram I come across another account I want to follow. From the lifestyle and mommy bloggers to the couples who prank each other (I really love those accounts) to specific niche accounts for just about anything. 

With everyone stuck at home early on in the pandemic we were all spending a lot more time on our phones in 2020 both consuming and creating content. 

I still…

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Music Influencers and Collaborating on Social Media 

It wasn’t too long ago that artists and musicians were hesitant to work with brands because they didn’t want to be seen as a sellout. Thankfully that’s no longer the case. From household names to indie bands, artists aren’t afraid to work with companies that align with their own brand. 

I personally have been a part of campaigns for Warner Brothers, Astars, Creative Labs, Schick and I also regularly tout my love for the gear I use to make music. Often these deals benefit musicians with a mix of…

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Streaming, Downloading and Buying CD's! Oh my! 

I was asked this question below recently and since it comes up a fair amount I thought it would be good to address it in a blog so more people can read it and maybe learn and decide how they want to support the artists and musicians they appreciate. 

"What is a good/better way to support you and others' music. Specifically, streaming vs download/cd purchases. I listen to a lot of streaming music through Amazon Music Unlimited (subscription service), so when me or someone listens to your songs/cds through an

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Singing on ESPN’s Monday Night Football Rams vs Ravens Game  

When ESPN reaches out to you to be the singer on Monday Night Football you say YES!!! 

I was honored to be a little part of music history as they feature talent in each of the cities games are held at to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this song.  

We shot the piece at night in downtown Los Angeles at the ESPN building. It will be so exciting to watch my performance of the theme song “Heavy Action” as the Baltimore Ravens play the Los Angeles Rams!! 

It was a fun challenge to learn the song and I put…

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3 quick tips for onstage performers you probably haven’t heard before 

I recently was at a music conference that had a stage setup for acts to showcase their music. The singers and bands were all talented and the songs and music was great but it was hard for me watch the shows because a lot of the performers were wearing clothes that blended into the background and kept stepping off the mic to sing at the front of the stage which was out of the spotlight leaving them in the dark. 

As a classically trained opera singer, as I went through college, every stone was turned over to…

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