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Behind a Mic - Natalie's Blog

Creative Seasons

Lately this topic has come up a lot between my friends and I so I wanted to take a minute to talk about it. 

As a creative person and even just s a human being you will go through…

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5 Steps to Learning a Song 

Learning new songs is a great way to learn music. You can dig into the songwriting and can appreciate the lyrics, form and all parts of songwriting at a deeper level. You also are often learning new chords, strumming patterns…

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How do you come up with songs? 

This is a question that I get asked a lot. I love when people ask me about the inspiration behind a specific song because I usually have a concrete answer of how that went down. 

Overall, it’s both…

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More Thoughts On Music and Monetization

Wow you guys. What a great discussion about what I shared last week on the blog. The comments on Facebook here were really interesting... I was going to respond all at once but ended up responding individually and wanted to…

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Do people still pay for music anymore?

...Yes and no, it depends. I was inspired to write a bit on this topic after reading this quote by another Ojai local, Greg Penny in the current Ojai Quarterly: 

“Most people feel that they shouldn’t have to pay

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Music I Love: Nathan McEuen

One of the perks of being a musician is hearing so much new music and becoming friends with so many of the artists who’s music I love. The relationships provide an even deeper understanding and appreciation for their songs and…

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