Be Bold

I often find my cat staring at something invisible or into the other room like she sees things I don't. Sometimes I even watch her playing with imaginary bugs or mice.

Kinda like this...

Usually I'll just ignore her or realize that she is so desperate to play that she's making an imaginary toy out of thin air and then I'll play with her more. But I've been thinking a lot about fear lately and how it keeps most of us, myself definitely included, from living a life that's 100% full so I wanted to share this.

I used to let her staring or little unknown noises freak me out. I would start imagining what was outside the room or what she could see that I couldn't becoming paralyzed by the fear. When I finally would get the nerve to go check out what it was... Nothing Happened. Everytime.

The boogie man didn't come to get me, their wasn't a mouse crawling across a corner and everything was always more-or-less in its usual state of ...disarray.

So my point is, to be bold because there really isn't anything to be afraid of. You decide exactly how your life is and if you have dreams please don't let a little fear stop them. Feel the fear and do it anyway. The worst that usually happens is nothing.

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