1. One More Thing

From the recording Streetlamp Musician EP

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One More Thing
Music and Lyrics by Natalie Gelman and Charlie Midnight

Raindrops from your violin
Fall down onto this mess of sins
You say music binds our hearts as one
But you're not fooling anyone

I set down hope on the table mat
A glass of this, a taste of that
I try to do what I think is right
Guess I’ll fool myself for one more night

One more walk in the sun
One more notch in your gun
One more dove on the wing
There’s always one more thing

One more turn of the wheel
One more heartache to heal
One more winter to spring
There’s always one more thing

Too proud to know what you have done
I let go 'cause you’re too far gone
You cannot see what you've become
No, you're not fooling anyone

You see yourself in every step I take
The more you see the more you hate
What I mean to say is I’m moving on
'Cause you’re not fooling anyone


I’ve been meaning not to write
I’ve been meaning not to call
I’d like to ask how you are
But I don’t really care at all


One more link in the chain
One more chance to explain
One more letter to write
One more battle to fight

One more name on the wall
One more end of it all
One more time to move on
One more love that is gone