From the recording Streetlamp Musician EP

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Streetlamp Musician
Written by Natalie Gelman, Javier Colon and Griffin Hollis

Flowers and cigarettes on Hudson and Bleecker
Jet black and jet set to anywhere a little further than here
Feels like the harder I put my foot to the pavement
The less of me you all seem to hear

Old New York wont you listen
To a street lamp musician
Singing her heart out for you tonight
Singing my sorrows with a hope for tomorrow
When everything is gonna be alright

Sneakers and high heels, I watch them walk by me
On streets that have been mine but I don’t know them anymore
Shops round here changing faster than seasons
People try but it’s just easier to ignore


And I don’t want to die with a melody inside
of my head that the world needs to hear
So I’ll keep writing my songs
Even if they’re driven by my fears