From the recording Streetlamp Musician EP

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Long Stemmed Roses
Music and Lyrics by Natalie Gelman and Charlie Midnight

Long stemmed roses in June
High atop a lover’s day pressed against the man on the moon
And I feel entirely out of my shoes
In love with you

Quiet winds blowing round
Outside of these walls taking every old leaf to the ground
And I haven’t got another single care in the world
But holding on to you

We turn under the sky in the dead of the night
You start to drift away, I hold on tight

Are we happy? I suppose
But really, who the hell knows
Love stays… but happiness comes and goes
Are we happy, are we not?
Is this a little, is this a lot?
What it is… is the way our love grows
Like a long-stemmed rose

All the words, never said
Whispers in the dark please make love to me instead
You make the coffee, I roll out of bed
In love with you

We were taken apart, we were stretched by the seems
So we took what we could and we remade our dreams