1. Just Someone

From the recordings Band music and Natalie Gelman

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Just Someone
Music and Lyrics by Natalie Gelman

It started out simple the way these things do
You looked at me and I looked through you
Before I had a chance to know what was coming
You made your move and then you hit the ground running
You repent the night you fell on my lips
Took my heart and got off on it too
I never meant to tell you this
But I never wanted much from you

Just someone to lay by me at night
Say the wrong things that make everything right
Feed me his lies, tell me my place
Love me in all my beautiful disgrace
Laugh when I tell him that I need a break
He knows that I'm saying it for saying its sake
Run through my hair make it a mess
Love me in all my beautiful distress

You lead me in circles what more could I want
Gave me attention however non-chalant
I’ll always see what I’m hoping for
You were my vision all that and more
So why were you crying when I told the truth
I gave my feelings to get through to you
I’ve never known anyone more confused
Heres all I wanted of you…