From the recording Natalie Gelman

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Cross Your Heart
Music and Lyrics by Natalie Gelman

Cotton memories, silk runs
I was wearing my best that day
The smell of you on my pillow
And your cup in the sink
All I have to show for three whole months
Some folks need this more than most
I do better alone, I do better alone
I loved you for a minute there
Or did I, Did I love you?

Cross your heart and hope to die
Stick this neadel in your eye
Don’t you fall too far behind
You want what you know is lost
I can’t be had at any cost
Give it up or walk the line

I choke on the remains of last nights mess
And you saying goodbye to me
And me crying no, no, no
But all the love and all the prayers
Can’t save whats already dead
Inside of you, inside of me

Did you really think I’d sit around
Waste my time on you?
You really thought I’d fall for this
Like the girls you’re used to