1. Always Was

From the recording Natalie Gelman

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Always Was
Music and Lyrics by Natalie Gelman

It was the fall of ’99 and we were barely fourteen
Had our heads in the clouds, we were living a dream
I thought you were everything I was ever gunna need
But I was wrong and love fooled me, and now

I can’t play loud enough to tune out your eyes
I’m slipping between the lines of love and goodbye
If there was ever someone I thought I could give it up to
Its you, its you, like it always was
Its you, its you

When the night fell down leaving me in your arms
We surrendered to love and all its charms
Two young hearts honest and unused
Two young hearts with everything to lose

I can’t sing loud enough…

I never was what you thought I could be
You never did find the strength to love me, and now

I can’t cry loud enough…