House Concerts...

As an artist, I am very thankful to have some good friends and acquaintances who enjoy what I do. As you know, I’m often out on the road and I love performing for all types of audiences, but I’ve realized the personal connections made at house concerts are often the most fulfilling for both the audience and me.

All over the country, music fans and artists are discovering that they can have “house concerts,” which are an incredible, memorable way to share a concert experience. Artists (like me) perform in a living room (like yours) for a list of invited guests (20-30). Each guest donates $10-$20 to the cause (me) and we create an event they will remember for a lifetime.

I’d really love to do this with you. If you think your living room is too small (it probably isn’t), you can team up with a friend or two that have more space or have it outside. It’s very common to have a pot-luck dinner beforehand so everyone gets to have some social time before the concert, and you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on food and drink. The house concert is however you would be comfortable with people, space, sound and/or whatever else. It’s your chance to create a listening environment that friends and neighbors will appreciate over most other concerts they are used to. They will know they supported a great artist that their friend introduced them to. They will be able to watch the true craft of an artist right before their eyes and not on a jumbotron.

I’m sure you’ll have questions, so here’s a link to a site that may answer some of them: and feel free to ask me questions on the form to the right.

I think you’ll love the idea - so please get in touch and we can start talking about it.

Live at the Blacksheep Ranch

"Natalie Gelman is a wonderfully dynamic performer - the flow of energy and passion in her singing is amazing! And what a voice - from a delicate whisper for a tender love song to room-filling power when she rocks out. Natalie is great at connecting with the audience with interesting stories of how her songs of love and life came to be and her experiences on the road and as a New York subway busker. I recommend her highly for any house concert. Our audience loved her and yours will too."
          - Lee Las Alturas House Concerts