Music I Love: Nathan McEuen

One of the perks of being a musician is hearing so much new music and becoming friends with so many of the artists who’s music I love. The relationships provide an even deeper understanding and appreciation for their songs and work. 

I wanted to share some of the music I love today... My good friend, Nathan McEuen has been inspiring me with his music for years. You’ve probably noticed us touring together, him being a part of my band and sharing one of his own songs when I opened for Bon Jovi or seen one of my favorite videos, us singing his song “Lately.” 

I’m always drawn to heartfelt storytelling and Nathan delivers on that in his songs and live show. Before working with him I always thought I needed lyrics to grasp onto to tell the story but on his last record release, Side by Side he tells the real life story of the voices of Disney’s Minnie and Mickey Mouse in two instrumental banjo tracks. On the companion tracks, “Part 1: They Meet” and “Part 2: The Magic,” you can hear the story unfold as the real life couple playing the voices of those lovable characters fell in love while bringing some of our favorite animated friends to life. 

You’ll have to go see Nathan live to hear the rest of the story and hear them played on a banjo that belonged to Mickey! 

Touring with Nathan over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of hearing a handful of the new songs that are in the running to be featured on a new album he’s working on called Spectrum. The name comes from the full range of his musical expression set to be a part of the double album. 

He’s currently funding the project on Indiegogo where you can hear three sample tracks in the video at the top of the page. Be sure to listen through ‘til the end to hear my favorite song. 

Check out the project and lend your support if you can. He’s created a lot of perks to thank you for your support and the album just might feature a special guest you know on a studio version of that song above... wink wink! :) 

Happy listening!

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