Top 10 Fans of 2015! 

It really does take a village to keep this show on the road and I have so many people I am grateful for that helped me a ton in 2015! The theme for my Top Fans of 2015 is centered around the European tour as you’ll see below! 
And, if our paths crossed at all this past year, or ever really, know that I am grateful. It’s hard for me to remember everyone (I am terrible with names) so there were quite a few people and moments I thought of that didn’t make it on here. 
1. Len Fischer – Whether you’re recording tons of my California shows or teaching me about my own sound and recording equipment, you continue to impress me with the knowledge you’re gaining on that stuff! But, then again – You ARE a genius! Thanks so much for all your huge support this past year! 
2. Kevin & Sue Hoese – You two are too wonderful for words. Probably the biggest thing I am grateful for with you this year is playing the benefit house concert for the Fistula Foundation this past year and that you created a space for my music to do a lot of good which really is the whole point of it all. 
3. Brian Melendez – Not going to lie, your friends and your car helped you get here into the top 3! …And also that you hosted not one but TWO house concerts last year and you are generally awesome (and have great taste in music). Seriously, thank you for lending me your car for my tour – Toyotas are ruined for me. Jeep all the way. 
4. Richard Elkington – You don’t know this, but I think of you as my English godfather. I was so exhausted from the road and European tour when I walked into The Drawingroom and your spirit and the wonderful show there revived me for those last ten days. That and your washing machine giving me a suitcase full of clean clothes! Road GOLD! 
5. Rob G – You’re an angel and my cooking hero. I know folks think that the UK doesn’t have good food but that’s not the case if they get to play at Guitar Bar and hang out with you for a few days. Sorry I was again tired and in a funk at this part of the tour – totally homesick but your spirit helped me keep going! 
6. Lee Herman – I was given alternate spots at a few Folk Alliance conferences last year and you made my day when you told me after I received another alternate spot and I jokingly asked you “if I put them all together can I have a real showcase?” and you said that you were actually going to present me and I would have a venue showcase at FARM! Thanks so much for making that happen. It felt like a wonderful welcome to the community there and it’s wonderful to have you’re belief in my work! 
7. Kenny Gorka – RIP. Kenny was a fixture in my life ever since he booked me for my first show at The Bitter End when I was only about 18. He fiercely believed in me and I was so sad this year to hear that he passed. I haven’t been able to bring myself to go back to play there without him there listening at the bar but I know when I do I’ll be sending a song out in his memory every time. 
8. Andy & Linda Forrest – You two are like southern sweet tea and sunshine… Not sure what that means but I like it. And I adore you both so much. Thanks for having me back to play for your friends in your backyard, visiting my sister at her stamp store and being just wonderful friends! Can’t wait to do it again soon! 
9. Aitken Pearson & Isabel Dantas – Without meeting you both at Sundance in 2014 I never would have taken the plunge and made it out to Europe to tour and more importantly to the wonderful Madeira Film Festival and Madeira Island to meet some incredible people, perform in epic locations and see inspiring and beautiful films. Thank you so much for just asking me to come and creating the space for me to show up! 
10. Dominique De Bortoli, Claudia & Amande Strummer – Dominique, you are Brent’s and my French God Father! I adore you and Claudia and am so grateful for all of our days in Montbrun. Truly the most beautiful place I performed in all of Europe. It was a dream come true that I didn’t know I had to wake up above your coffee shop every morning. And Amande, you make me laugh and I so enjoyed our performance with your translations of my little stories. Ha! Thank you all for everything! I miss you all terribly! 
Also huge gratitude and thanks to… 
David Schipper – I’m so grateful for getting to stay in the forest room and hang out with you, Lori and the cats again!! Thanks for letting me borrow your PA system, for covering my songs (that is seriously the coolest) and for sharing my CD at Christmas time with your friends!! 
Daisy Mason – You’re the best. I am so grateful we were introduced and that I have the honor to know you and your family in this lifetime. 
Linda Mason – Thanks for always creatively inspiring me, helping me find concerts and venues up north, showing me beautiful Sunderland and sharing a real fish and chips with me! 
Caroline Khella – It’s strange to call you my “voice teacher” because you are infinitely more then that. The universe was holding my heart when it put you in my life and I am continually blessed by your guidance in so many ways! 
Tina Johanssen & Anders Andreassen – I wouldn’t have made it up to beautiful Copenhagen without your wonderful house concert! Thanks for having me, for giving me the funniest or weirdest night of the tour with the 80’s cover band anniversary/birthday/car race party, for showing me around Copenhagen and nearly getting the guard at the palace to clock me on the head for getting too close for my picture! 
Nadia Staer – Going through an airport sucks, going through an airport with a guitar is the worst, going through airports with your help was a dream come true! Thanks so much for hanging out and helping me navigate an airport as smoothly as I ever could! 
Ari Ratner – Thanks for giving me one of my favorite press reviews ever from the Madeira Film Festival. Made my Summer! 
Steve Garfield, Bruce Moshe Lutz & Audrey Jue – Thank you all for always sharing my posts and sending ideas my way! You three put the wind in my social media sails! 
Dietmar & Karen Bloech – You were a champion for anchoring Germany on the tour early and I had an absolute blast playing for your friends at the house concert! Thank you so much for everything – you went above and beyond! 
The Midnights – My favorite co-writer, my fairy god sister/mother and my favorite giggle partner all in one family?! You guys rock! And thank you Susanna for always knowing my palate! That is a genius gift! 
Jana & Heiko Michael – I was so happy to stay with you both and get to know your friends playing that wonderful concert and get to know your beautiful family! Thanks so much for suffering through my German and teaching me that as long as you’re understood that’s the point of language and it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. Also, still sorry for breaking your French press! I’m a terrible klutz with those glass ones! 
Melanie Devaney – I adore you for so many reasons but the most fun one was playing the concert with you at your church this year! Lets do that more! 
Steve Gilbert – Booking me at my first Sofar concert and mailing me back my absolutely favorite scarf when I left it behind 
Melinda Ortner – Thanks so much for letting me crash your couch in London, getting my first UK Indian food with me, listening to me complain about the washer taking 6+ hours and showing me around London and not letting me get killed crossing the street! 
Three sisters at the Julian Music Festival – You three little chicas were so sweet and adorable! Thanks for being my biggest little fans and asking me to dance with you, wanting autographs and not wanting me to leave. Stay fearless girlies! 
Genna & Jesse Giacobassi – Seriously, you guys are wonderful and I’m beyond grateful to know you and be inspired by your fearlessness and creativity! 
Nathan McEuen – thanks being a sounding board for this crazy musical life! 
Lalo Reyes – Thanks for continually helping me get my shit together 
Alyse Black – I need you in my life. Keep making great music. That is all. 
Matt Rayner – You’re my brothern and favorite mellow fellow. Thanks for believing in me amigo! I’m honored to make music with you! 
Peter Kent & Kevin Harwood – You two are the best for coming out to almost all my shows in London!! Thanks so much for making my UK debut a supported success!

Thank you all again for making so many wonderful adventures in 2015 possible! You're the best! :)

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