Top 10 fans of 2014!!!

I’m so grateful for all the awesome fans and friends that cheer me and spread my music every day! I decided a few weeks ago to put together a top 10 list of my biggest supporters in 2014. 
You are ALL awesome but these folks went above and beyond the call of duty. I just wanted to send some kudos and love back at ya!
1. Kevin – for attended the most shows in 2014! In the most states!! And taking photos for me to share with everyone who cant make it!
2. Len – recording all the shows at my Deer Lodge Monday night series!
3. Lee & Cynthia – hosted a house concert, let me move into their guest room for a week and let me borrow their car!
4. Andy & Linda – hosted a house concert and let me move into their guest room for a week <3
5. Paul – getting 20 Cd’s to share with all his coworkers and literally put my music in new peoples hands!! Wow!
6. Colleen – putting me up on the road, feeding me the best food my whole summer tour and surprising me at a tour spot 200 miles away with friends! 
7. Curt & Leslie – hosting my biggest house concert of 2014!
8. Brian – taking photos at a bunch of my Los Angeles shows :D
9. Luciana – creating a Spanish subtitled version of my Most The While song. So cool!
10. Bruce – setting up my first show in Athens, GA opening for two great artists!
Honorable Mentions:
Chris – writing a blog post and interview about my Kickstarter project and new music!
Cheryl – helping me with work and inviting all her Facebook friends to like my page! :)
Brian – for hosting a house concert with some of the funniest friends, best wine and coolest cats
Ariel & Susie – bringing out her family and friends to shows
The Midnights – photos, videos, style, salmon and sandwiches… too much to list! So grateful to have you guys as my LA family!
Lalo – being a voice of reason and often giving me the push I need
Daisy & Linda – my best friend and my business muse. I love you guys and the strength you both embody is inspiring <3
Ashlee – singing backup with me at a show!
Hannah – for her inspiring and grounding presence – She’s my spiritual sister and yogi cheerleader
Laura – her comradery and bright spirit
Daniel – connecting me with an awesome songwriting opportunity
Tiff & Alyse – two singer/songwriters who inspire me and remind me to keep going when the going is tough because I’ll always get through it
Jenny – her spirit online and when she runs into me street performing at the ferry are just awesome!
Stan – for setting up a show at one of my favorite new venues
CC & Steve – you two are my online inspirations! Thanks for your bright spirits too!
Cheryl & Dwane – all your support you two!
Gary – my biggest Artist Signal supporter of all time! And for your support at shows
Jeremy – booking me for the 4th time at another one of my favorite shows to play and being a great person to talk to!
Lorraine – for her genius heart and letting me live at her house for a month on tour this summer while she was renovating
Jeff – for his support and sharing videos and my news on twitter and the book of face that shall remain nameless :)
Todd – my airplane buddy for sharing my videos on facebook and being so grateful for the record I gave ya!
Everyone’s support and love is so appreciated and it’s doubly wonderful as I think back on all the special moments I had last year because of you! I am so grateful and happy for your support!! 2015 has been a rough one so far – loosing all my email and a lot of my work recently – but I feel like I’ll get through anything that comes my way with support like this!
If you’re a fan and want to help but don’t know how please each out. I’m always needing help booking or hosting shows, sharing the music with people you think will like it or maybe we can brainstorm some ideas on how you can help me.
Thank you guys!!