Proximity to the Poop -or- Not Taking Myself Too Seriously

A few weeks ago I put up a video of my backstage greenroom at the House of Blues Dallas and a little insider scoop on where I used to play in college. I really enjoyed that show in Dallas. I met some great people and loved reading everyones comments on the video!

Dave from San Francisco sent me a great email that I asked if I could share with everyone! I think he gives some great, hilarious advice and I could not agree with him more! Here's the email and video for ya...

Hello Natalie!
I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend! It's your friend Dave from San Francisco.
Your YouTube video was hilarious. I am thankful that you reassured all of us that you were indeed, not too close to the toilet while you were filming in the bathroom. It somehow inspired me to live by a new found lesson you've given me: While we our on this journey, keep track of our proximity to the poop!
Tryin to stay away from all the crap,
Hope you are too,
Sending good vibes your way,

Thanks for that Dave! I knew there was a reason I didn't edit out showing people around my bathroom. lol.

I'm really excited to hit the road tomorrow -could you tell from all the caps?! I have a LOT of shows coming up across the country in the next two months and while getting ready for this longer than usual tour was pretty stressful its all going to be worth it. By far the most stressful aspect was that I needed a car. I have been car shopping pretty seriously for the past week and while I finally found a great used Toyota that I think will serve me on many a tour to come  I had a run in at the bank when I was trying to get money for the car and they kept asking me what I did for a living and couldnt process that I was a full-time artist. I tried explaining it a number of ways from saying I was self-employed, a freelance musician etc... I finally had to actually say "I work the streets!" to get the teller to give me back my card. I'm not even sure why they had to ask me and why they were so insistent on trying to get an answer they wanted but the whole situation was really funny...

I realized I actually DO 'work the streets' when I street perform so while I'm sure they were thinking I was a hooker there actually was a lot of truth to that statement. I think the shock value is what made her give me my debit card back but I was just sort of going on the premise of not taking it all too seriously. So much of life is difficult and stressful and I have been thinking a lot lately about just letting things go and be what they will. Most often they work themselves out and all the drama and hoopla only cost you some sleep and happiness.

Enjoy yourselves, "stay away from the crap" and if you can't then just remember that it wont matter next week or next year!

Love you guys!

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