Things I overheard at Sundance 2014...

There's something to be said for stuffing 50,000 people into a city made for 10,000. Spending time in the bitter cold, oxygen thin, times square like glow of Main street would normally get to you after a few days. But not when you're at the Sundance Film Festival. The energy of Sundance always inspires me... kicking me into the new year with creativity and motivating me to push myself and my art harder then the year before.

It's been 5 years since I've attended my first Sundance and I've gone back ever year since. This one was a special one for me marking the release of the Sundance In Your Eyes song I wrote and really feeling like I was catching up with family by being there. Being more comfortable at the festival lead to some more eavesdropping. I always say, be careful what you say around a songwriter!! ;)

And so, here are a few of my favorite things I overheard at Sundance this year...

Man on his cellphone: "I can't get tickets to my own premier... You've gotta be f***ing kidding me. Tell me you're kidding me."

Drunk girl #1 regarding skiing man statue on Main street she just ran past: "Is he real? I just hit him"
Drunk girl #2 runs by and hits the statue: "No it's a statue, I just hit him"

Friends at a party about how Cannes Film Festival compares to Sundance: "Going to Cannes is like being in a Kanye West music video"

Girl walking down Main Street: "I'm not hipster enough for this"

Guy to girl freezing and shivering outside on Main street: "Are you twerking or just cold"

Feel free to add your own in the comments below! Happy Sundancing!

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