Singing on ESPN’s Monday Night Football Rams vs Ravens Game

When ESPN reaches out to you to be the singer on Monday Night Football you say YES!!! 

I was honored to be a little part of music history as they feature talent in each of the cities games are held at to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this song.  

We shot the piece at night in downtown Los Angeles at the ESPN building. It will be so exciting to watch my performance of the theme song “Heavy Action” as the Baltimore Ravens play the Los Angeles Rams!! 

It was a fun challenge to learn the song and I put my own spin on it playing guitar and singing. The melody for the song has a range and gave me a chance to stretch my opera vocalist chops too! Not sure what will air on ESPN’s MNF but I’ll try and share a video of me singing the full song soon.  

I’ve loved sharing this news with everyone too and couldn’t have imagined just how many of you would also be excited for me!! Thank you! Chances like this don’t come up often as an indie artist and it means more to celebrate them with you guys!!!  

And with millions of people watching tonight I hope that someone comes up to me at a show soon and asks “aren’t you that girl singing on ESPN Monday Night Football?  

That would make my day. ?❤️? 

Also, huge thank you to AStars Women’s for dressing me in pretty much the sexiest thing I’ve ever worn! The vegan leather mini dress harking back to Faith Hill was the way to go!!

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