My furry friends from at home & on the road

Since today is National Pet Day today I wanted to share a little love to my two feline friends and shout out some of the amazing pets I get to love on when I’m on the road. 

Often I miss my cats when I’m touring but I get to meet lots of lovable furry and feathered family members to make up for it.

My brood is usually camped out on top of or inside my gear – I would like to think it’s because they love me so much that they don’t want me to leave but I think they just like to be higher up on things and try out new textures they can’t normally get into or onto. 

Here’s some photos of Pudu perched on my stuff...

Zipper is a little more cuddly... but may have cuddled with one of your t-shirts...

On the road, pets even sometimes help me load in and soundcheck too! Bet you never knew they were so helpful!

Sometimes they just show me what it's like to be a fearless explorer...

At the end of a long day on the road, driving, press, playing shows, a hug or cuddle from a pet is always the best!

These love bugs must have thought so too!

I almost always wanted to sing but when I was really little I also wanted to be a veterinarian. :) I bet you could tell that from all these animal photos! :D

Hope you have some animal and pet love in your life! It's truly the best.

Lots of love,

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