European Tour Recap! The Trip In...

Weeks: 10
Total Concerts: 29
House Concerts: 7
Countries: 8 (England, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland)
Currencies: 3 (Euros, Pounds and Krone)
Beds: 26
Couches: 7
Planes: 8
Trains: 68
Rental Cars: 2 (In France and Germany)
Ubers: 8
Miles (as the crow flies - this is a really low estimate): 17,077
Kilometers: 27,483
Visas: 2
Cities and Towns visited: 34
Luggage broken: 1
BBC interviews: 2
Sofar Secret Shows: 2 (Sofar Sheffield and Sofar Winchester)
Film Festivals: 2 (Cannes Film Festival and Madeira Film Fest – I almost went to the Edinburgh Film Fest where a film I was in was showing but didn’t want to cancel Sofar Sheffield for it)
Songs written on the spot at concerts with peoples favorite English words: 10 (The most popular words were Refrigerator/Fridge and Umbrella)
Number of times I ran into people I traveled with later that day or week by total serendipity: 3 (it’s a small world – even in London)
Friends from the states that I met up with in Europe: 6
Venues, presenters, fans and strangers that broke my heart open with love: Countless. Seriously, I met so many amazing people on this trip I could never count and quantify it.
Things I don’t want to count
Times I washed my laundry in hotel sinks
How many times I got lost
Miles I Walked (one day alone in Hannover I walked 10 miles)
Castles, Rathouses and Canals
Egg Salad Sandwiches Eaten in the UK… probably one a day for the last two weeks due to my nuts touring schedule
Toilet Paper
England –Same as the US but more expensive
Portugal & Spain - Bidets
France – Salmon pink. Yes, really.
Italy – Scented. It’s actually nauseating.
Germany – Strong… I think they make it with 5 ply here.
Denmark – Printed with designs
Holland – No noticeable differences compared to the US
Best food: Lisbon at Cruzes Credo
Place: Montbrun-Les-Bain, France
City: Florence, Italy
Coffee: Germany for Coffee. Italy for Cappuccinos. And FYI Apparently French Presses are not in fact French.
Milk: Hemme Milch in Sprockhof, Germany – Their packaging alone was awesome
Performance Location: The Reids Palace Hotel in Funchal, Portugal at the Madeira Film Festival and Franks Bodega in Großkarlbach Germany.
Actual Performance: Tie between the Drawingroom in England, Cowhide House Concerts in Frankfurt and Le William’s Café des Tilleuls
French Word: La Poubelle (the trash)
German Word: Dudelsack (bagpipes)
Driving with two Brits in a rental car in Portugal who usually drive on the opposite side of the road and also don’t drive much. They did great!
Skinny Dipping in the most beautiful watering hole I found on the side of the road in the French Provence
Being helped through the Copenhagen airport by a friend who worked there
Waking up craving anchovies after trying they for the first time because a waiter convinced me that if I ate tuna I should eat anchovies and “cut out the middle man.”
Seeing Linda Mason getting ready for her National Glass Center show in Sunderland, England!
Getting lost at Kings Cross in London for hours - FYI the Great Northern Line is not the same thing as the Northern Line but no one working there knows that.
Having a train conductor from the Britrail who I spoke to earlier in the week show up at one of my last shows in England.
Trying Pimms for the first time
Buying strawberries from farm stands in the French Provence
Hearing a girl across from me on a Denmark train tell someone on the phone in Danish about “humans of New York” as a real human from New York sat across from her
Getting claustrophobic with hundreds of other tourists as we hiked up into the dome of the Duomo
Sharing wine with new friends I met in Florence that were also visiting from California – we all drank and talked in a square til 4am like locals
Dancing in a sun shower in Vernazza Italy
Exploring Park Güell in Barcelona
Every time I saw daisies growing in the grass

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