Official SWRFA Showcase!

I'm so excited to have been selected for an Official Showcase at SWRFA in Austin, TX! The show on Sat is open to the public if you're near Austin and hopefully I'll book a bunch of shows around Texas from…Read more

Comic Con

I had a great time performing at Comic Con 2011 as part of the Music Lodge! Lots of comic VIP's and dressed up fans were stopping by to listen to some music and enjoy a little down time while listening…Read more

The Long Haul...

I've decided that everyone should drive across country at least once in their lives. Partially because our country is breathtaking and partially because I don't want to feel so crazy for having done it 3 times now! This last long…Read more

My guitar flies with the pilot

On my flight out to Sundance I was really adamant about my guitar not going in with gate checked luggage because I had shows and things to do as soon as I landed in UT... after arguing with the woman…Read more

Solution - My word for 2011

You probably don’t know that I’m one of the most dream oriented and goal focused people out there. I’m always coming up with extensive to do lists and goals for the next year, next month, next 5 years… rest of…Read more

Dream Flight

As lots of you know I’ve been trying to sing on every one of the dozens of flights I’ve taken this past summer/fall. I even had an All You Can Jet pass with jetBlue for all the shows I had…Read more

Women’s Redrock Music Festival!

The fabulous folks at the Womens Redrock Music Festival in Torrey, UT are hands down the most awesome crowd I’ve had the pleasure of performing for this summer. I played the festival a week or two ago (August 6th) and…Read more

Headlining the Northwoods Music Festival

I had an incredible time performing at the first Northwoods Music Festival in Superior, WI. I love touring in that region but it was my first time visiting the Duluth, MN/Superior, WI area. Except for Delta losing my luggage in…Read more