Music I Love: Nathan McEuen

One of the perks of being a musician is hearing so much new music and becoming friends with so many of the artists who’s music I love. The relationships provide an even deeper understanding and appreciation for their songs and…

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What it was like to open for Bon Jovi

Last week marked the anniversary of my first arena show opening for Bon Jovi. Bonjovirsary. ?  

I’ve been reflecting about the whole experience. I had such an impact on me that I’m not sure I’ll…

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Top 10 Favorite “Fan Moments” of Last Year

I decided to do something different this year and instead of shouting out my top fans of the year shout out my favorite moments. I’m still (and always) incredibly grateful for all the support I get to keep my…

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The Lion - Inspiration Behind the Music Video

I first had the idea for this video a while back. 
The concept was simple, I wanted to make you ask yourself who wake up next to every day... who you invite into your bed. 
I had realized how…

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Top 10 Fans of 2015! 

It really does take a village to keep this show on the road and I have so many people I am grateful for that helped me a ton in 2015! The theme for my Top Fans of 2015 is centered…

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European Tour Recap! The Trip In...

Weeks: 10
Total Concerts: 29
House Concerts: 7
Countries: 8 (England, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland)
Currencies: 3 (Euros, Pounds and Krone)
Beds: 26
Couches: 7
Planes: 8
Trains: 68
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Top 10 fans of 2014!!!

I’m so grateful for all the awesome fans and friends that cheer me and spread my music every day! I decided a few weeks ago to put together a top 10 list of my biggest supporters in 2014. 
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10 Great Tips to Stay Healthy on the Road…

Being on tour is usually seen by those who haven’t done it before as a glamorous and exciting adventure. I get asked a lot where by tour bus is (it isn’t) and where my entourage are (they aren’t)… 

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