My guitar flies with the pilot

On my flight out to Sundance I was really adamant about my guitar not going in with gate checked luggage because I had shows and things to do as soon as I landed in UT... after arguing with the woman at the gate after she wanted me to gate check my guitar and I said that I was going to just ask the stewards if it would possibly fit she came running across the tarmac to yell at me in front of a plane full of people going to Sundance which was, obviously,  very embarising.

Just as she did the pilot offered to just take it off my hands and put in the cockpit with him so long as it was in fact just a guitar. Thank you reasonable people!! I borded and as usual there was actually plenty of space in a dozen over heads. What happens is when there a full flight they start making everyone gate check their luggage and then everyone gets on with nothing and there is a ton of space in the overheads for guitars or for most of that luggage...

Anyways, I was so thankfull to that pilot and to JetBlue for coming through again for me so...

An Ode to Jet Blue

Jet Blue, Jet Blue
So many sweet strums I owe to you
Thanks for putting my guitar in the cockpit

Because you never know
What could happen below
If my ax was a suitcases target

So hear is the deal
I'm making with your jet appeal
I will always try to use you to fly

If your stewards are cool
Your snacks make me drool
And you keep my guitar safe in the sky

<3 Natalie ...& my Guitar

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