The Long Haul...

I've decided that everyone should drive across country at least once in their lives. Partially because our country is breathtaking and partially because I don't want to feel so crazy for having done it 3 times now! This last long haul I did alone and have to say that with all the information, media, content and stuff we have coming at us everyday it was such a welcome break from it all.

It's fun to travel with someone too and especially if you don't have a solid agenda to see where the road takes you. Last time driving west I got to do some beautiful sightseeing along interstate 40... (Sun studios, Meteor Crater...). This time I was coming from two shows in Texas so I took 10 across the western half of the country and while I didn't get out much because I was anxious to get to Los angeles and get working on my record I did take some great photos I wanted to share with you!

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