~ Sweetness Spring Tour ~

 I'm so excited because I'm going on tour in just a few days!! Its been a while since I have really hit the road like this and I'm hitting up lots of new cities and lots of places I haven't seen in a while.

I'll be playing shows in Iowa, Ohio, Penn and New York as part of the tour. There aren't dates set in Chicago or Minneapolis but I will probably be checking out a lot of open mikes and maybe even street performing. If you want to find out about those last minute additions check out www.Twitter.com/NatalieGelman and follow me to get updates! :)

I'm going to be playing a really big show in NYC at Webster Hall opening for Richard Cheese at the end of the tour on Sat, April 18th. Richard puts on a GREAT show, covering Snoop Dog, Nirvana and more and making them lounge style. Julia Nunes is also going to be opening! www.JuliaNunes.com. I'll be playing some originals and covers for you and its going to rock! For tickets and more details check out my tour dates!

I also have my first showcase at a NACA event in the Northern Plains region. I'll be playing for over 800 students from colleges and universities in the area and with any luck they will love the music and book me at their schools in the Fall and Spring! We'll see! :)

I hope you are all doing great and I'll see your beautiful faces on the road! If anyone wants to help promote and get the word out let me know!


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