Solution - My word for 2011

You probably don’t know that I’m one of the most dream oriented and goal focused people out there. I’m always coming up with extensive to do lists and goals for the next year, next month, next 5 years… rest of my life… Anyways, the past two years I’ve made my list of goals for the year as usual but I also decided not to worry about them so much and instead to choose a word that would satisfy what I was really looking for in my life. I’ve done this the past two years and it had been great to focus on that word as my goal rather than getting lost in the list.

If you want to choose a word to guide you through the year read this post by one of my favorite bloggers Christine Kane:

My choices in words have led to much more rewarding and productive years and looking back I’ve always gotten exactly what I asked for. My word in 2009 was Courage and that was the last year I worked a part time job and the year I made the leap to being a full time singer/songwriter and touring artist - talk about needing courage! This past year my word was Clarity and I really just wanted it to use to clear out my physical stuff (I have a fantasy of living out of a suitcase with just my guitar and smart phone) and my personal sense of purpose and goal with my music and life. Well, like I said you get what you ask for - and probably what you need. That word worked throughout the year to bring beautiful people and experiences into my life very effortlessly but it also worked to wring out all the mental thoughts and gunk that hold me back and a lot of personal family things that were very difficult.

It started out easy and I didn’t take the hint until the year came to a close and I realized that everything was so difficult because I still hadn’t learned the lesson and moved on. I’m sure it will make for quite a few chapters in my book one day but anyways, I decided then, in the last few weeks of 2010 that the only possible word for this year was Solution.

I know that might not seem like a very glamorous word to anyone but for me solution is about making/finding a decision, having focus and moving forward. It’s about living at ease in the flow of life, committing to something and taking action. I’ve been incredibly indecisive this past year - and who wouldn’t be surrounded by a mess of their life. Picture yourself cleaning out a closet. You know how it gets very messy before you can figure out what to make of it all? That was me, except it wasn’t a closet it was everything. And some of it was amazing and beautiful and I knew it was the first thing I was putting back in that closet… and some of it has been so painful I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Anyways, I’m really excited and nervous about the word I chose to guide my year and I know it’s going to be just what I need. If you’re tired of resolutions and didn’t make any this year, or you gave up on yours already it’s not to late to use the spirit of the new year (yesterday was 1.11.11 after all!!) and decide on a word to guide you.

I would love to hear what you chose and why if you want to share send me an email (Natalie [@] or leave a comment below.

And even if you decide to keep the word to yourself I know it will still bring lots of what you need and want into your life!

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