New photos up! Lots of fun around CT...

Check out the new photos up on the photos link on the page here!

They were taken around Southern Ct at an abandoned greenhouse, an antique shop, a car repair place and a mystery venue/bar in New Haven. Hint: you can find out the name by looking at the background in the photos.

All taken by Andrew Wallach a photographer from CT and a manager of an incredible house concert series I have had the pleasure of performing at earlier this year find out more about that and him here.

My favorite is a toss up between the green tinted one on the counch taken in the antique shop or the one takin in the bar.

Dont forget to check them all out on the photo page!

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  • kristen
    my vote is for the green all the way! :rolleyes:

    my vote is for the green all the way! rolleyes

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