It's Resolutions time!

...actually it's been resolutions time for quite a few days now but I'm generally late to the party, if I even find out there's a party so I'm working on my resolutions this weekend - a very rare weekend off from playing shows and driving all over this fabulous country. 

If you've followed me for a while you might remember that I'm a fan of this Word of The Year System. I still love choosing an overall word for the year but I am going to be putting down some very concrete resolutions and time lines this year.

I wanted to share a blog post I found with you before I share some of resolutions for the New Year both creatively and personally below. 

Leanne Regalia wrote a blog titled - 12 Most Powerful Ways to Keep Your Creative New Year's Resolutions.

You can read the whole post at the link there. One in particular really resonated with me today:

#5. Run as fast as you can from the comparison quagmire

Every time you compare your insides with someone else’s outside, you’re going to end up thinking “I suck!” There is really no good reason to go there. Part of learning acceptance and being kind to yourself — both of which are productive rocket fuel for artists — is realizing we are all on our own paths. We’re at different stages in our journeys and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s much more beneficial and healthy just to focus on how you can be a little bit closer to your goal tomorrow than you are today. Stick to your own resolutions one day at a time and then get back to work!

I think Leanne put it really well - we all know we shouldn't try to "keep up with the Jones'" but need a little reminder. As you make your resolutions over the fresh start of a new year do them for yourself. Do them so you're honored by your own commitment to the gift of each day and the freedom of choice you have to do whatever you want with your time. And change your mind the next minute. ;)

You just do you.

Love yourself for it.

I will too.

For curious minds who want to know what an indie singer/songwriter wants out of 2014. Here are some of my resolutions in no particular order...
- A new CD... or Three! ;) It's true. I have big plans to put out LOTS of music in 2014. I'm thinking a live record, a ukulele record and a new full length. 
- Finally organize my kitchen. Living in NYC I never really grew up around people who have kitchens they actually use. I think my take out to homemade meals ratio still leans heavily toward take out even though I've lived in CA, with a real kitchen, for 2.5 years. So, one of my goals this year is to figure out how to put things where I can actually access them easily as I'm cooking and so when I have company they don't have to open every cabinet or drawer before finding a mug.
- Systems! I have been in love with this word for about two months now. I really like the idea of taking out the countless decisions (see my next resolution) I have to make about what to do and when to do it and just having a plan and doing the next thing I have to do. I'm implementing a routine for my day/week/month to get different things like my blog, newsletter, songwriting, booking and more all in a system. This includes a lot of other goals like a twice weekly video series on Youtube including one original and one cover song each week... which means I'll be writing one song a week!! ...whew! breathe!
- Get More Confident in My Decision Making. I'm the person who exhausts every option for flight travel (all airports, dates and other possibilities) among 100's of other daily decisions. This is not good when you're constantly booking travel itineraries, shows and generally being a living human needing to decide what to eat for dinner... I think I can save a lot of time with this one and maybe have time to organize my kitchen and write and record all that music!
- Get More Sleep. In general I want to treat myself better in 2014. I am going to get more massages, eat more greens, look in magnifying mirrors less, make shorter "to do" lists, read more books and just have a good old time getting to know myself more in some unscheduled play time (ie. a day off now and again) so I am super grounded when I go out and share music in the world. One of the books I need to finally read is The Artists Way. :) 

Love you all for reading. And please don't compare - just be inspired to do what you feel is right for you this year. I'm feeling like this is a big year for me and I have a lot of opportunity to step up now that I'm really settled in CA and have made some big strides this past year to set me up with knowledge of what's really important to me and how to do it. 

Happy 2014! See you on the other side!

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