Blogging - 3rd times the charm!

I've started blogs twice before but I never really committed to them because I started out with these ideals about how I had to be clever and interesting and somewhere along the way without anyone really taking notice as they read (if they read) I had to teach them something too.

Thats enough to make me want to stop and stress over what's actually meant to be a pretty cathartic and maybe even enlivening process. Maybe if you have a blog or have toyed with the idea of starting one you have had those thoughts too?

Anyways, I probably wont tell many people about this till I get at least a few posts up. I want to start podcasting my stories from the road on utters (just spent about an hour mid blog setting up my first post!) and get into the swing of things before I let the cat out of the bag - is that the expression?

I hope you're all starting to thaw slowly from the winter - I can't wait for spring! 


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