More Thoughts On Music and Monetization

Wow you guys. What a great discussion about what I shared last week on the blog. The comments on Facebook here were really interesting... I was going to respond all at once but ended up responding individually and wanted to share it here too. 

There’s a lot of food for thought in the comments about alternate streaming models, discretionary income spending and just the general overall perceived value of music and musicians as well as lots of support for music and musicians. 

I personally feel better just having that dialogue and conversation. I think people realize that the system is somewhat broken and hopefully more conversations like this one only help. For fans to get to see behind the curtain of what it really takes to bring them the music they love might be good too; but that was one of the points I brought up in the comments on Facebook. 

There’s a big movement to share so much but I wonder sometimes where the line is and what is too much. Should I share exactly how much I spent on catering while recording my last album? Should I share the rates my friends charged me to record and work on my projects? I think some of that is crossing the line and not really necessary. It does give a perceived value to the music though when you realize it’s not just something that happens in a vacuum or something an artist does just for fun but real work and money to make projects come to life. 

I’m not saying I have the answers at all just happy to be having this dialogue.

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